April 17, 2017

Guided Tour: ‘Corridors of Power’ at the WINGS Festival of Arts

Led by the input of Asanga Welikala and in collaboration with Channa Daswatta, ‘Corridors of Power’ through architectural drawings and models, interrogates key moments in Sri Lanka’s constitutional evolution since 1972. The exhibition will be featured as part of the WINGS Festival of Arts.

The output on display will include large format drawings, 3D rendering, videos and physical models reflecting power dynamics enshrined in the the 1972 and 1978 constitutions, as well as the 13th, 18th and 19th Amendments.

BMICH, Nuga Sevana

7 November at 2pm. 8 November at 11am & again at 2pm.

Each tour lasts approximately an hour with Q&A.

curated by 

Sanjana Hattotuwa

Facebook page at http://bit.ly/corridorsofpower 

Note by Curator at http://bit.ly/corridorsofpowercurator

Full colour catalogue of exhibition at http://bit.ly/corridorsofpowercatalogue