Sanjana Hattotuwa read English at the University of Delhi, India and as a Rotary World Peace Fellow, was awarded an Advanced Masters in Conflict Resolution and International Relations from the University of Queensland, Brisbane. He is currently a Senior Researcher at the Centre for Policy Alternatives, a think-tank based in Colombo, leading research and output around civic media and digital citizen engagement.

In 2011, Sanjana produced the critically acclaimed Moving Images (, which provided the inspiration for a bolder and more wide-ranging multimedia series looking at Black July. In late 2012, on the invitation of Saskia Fernando Gallery (, Sanjana conceptualised and curated ‘Mediated‘, a path-breaking exhibition portraying hard data and inconvenient truths around Sri Lanka through art, architecture and graphics design. Read the Mediated catalogue, with descriptions of the commissioned art, here (

Sanjana founded Groundviews ( in 2006 and continues to curate it every single day.


Dr Asanga Welikala is Lecturer in Public Law at the School of Law, University of Edinburgh, and the Associate Director of the Edinburgh Centre for Constitutional Law. He is also a Research Associate of the Institute of Commonwealth Studies, University of London, and Research Fellow of the Centre for Policy Alternatives (CPA), Sri Lanka. Asanga's research interests lie in comparative constitutional law, applied constitutional theory, and Commonwealth constitutional history. He teaches and supervises across the public law field in Edinburgh, at Ordinary, Honours, masters, and doctoral levels. Asanga has been involved on both sides of transnational influence on constitution-making: as a member of the Office of Constitutional Support, United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq; in various international advisory capacities in other countries on constitutional and legal reform issues; and as an active civil society voice and an independent advisor to the Prime Minister's team in the current constitution-making process in his native Sri Lanka.


Channa Daswatte is one of Sri Lanka's leading architects who lives and practices in Kotte, and is currently a partner of MICD Associates. He was a friend, confidant and the principal assistant to Sri Lanka's most prolific and influential architect, Geoffrey Bawa. Most have referred to Mr. Daswatte as the spiritual successor of Geoffrey Bawa, but, Mr. Daswatte says that Geoffrey Bawa is a hard act to follow and that he just happened to be lucky to be with him when he did. Channa also writes frequently for international and local journals and magazines, and co-authored 'Sri Lanka Style - Tropical Design and Architecture' (2006) with Dominic Sansoni.


Centre for Policy Alternatives -

The Centre for Policy Alternatives (CPA) was formed in the firm belief that there is an urgent need to strengthen institution and capacity-building for good governance and conflict transformation in Sri Lanka and that non-partisan civil society groups have an important and constructive contribution to make to this process. The primary role envisaged for the Centre in the field of public policy is a pro-active and interventionary one, aimed at the dissemination and advocacy of policy alternatives for non-violent conflict resolution and democratic governance. Accordingly, the work of the Centre involves a major research component through which the policy alternatives advocated are identified and developed.

Groundviews -

Groundviews is a citizens journalism website based in Sri Lanka. The site uses a range of genres and media to highlight alternative perspectives on governance, human rights, the arts and literature, peace-building and other issues.

The site's vision is to demonstrate, by example, that citizen journalism can enable civil, progressive and inclusive discussions on democracy, rights, governance and peace in Sri Lanka.

In December 2007, Groundviews was awarded an Award of Excellence in New Communications from the Society for New Communications Research. It is the first and to date only civil society and media web initiative in Sri Lanka to have won a competitive international award for excellence in journalism and media. "Groundviews exemplifies the mission of this awards program: the successful and innovative use of new communications solutions and social media practices to enhance communications and relationships" commented Mike Manuel, SNCR Best Practices committee chairman.

In 2009, Groundviews won the prestigious Manthan Award South Asia. The grand jury's evaluation of the site noted, "What no media dares to report, Groundviews publicly exposes. It's a new age media for a new Sri Lanka... Free media at it's very best!"